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Customers, developers, and management are all affected when bugs escape into production. Airbrake helps you get control of bugs and get them out of production fast, with features that work for all the stakeholders.

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Airbrake Works
for Developers

Monitor Issues Easily

  • Developers don't have to waste time monitoring for bugs by searching log files for error messages. Real-time alerts head directly to inboxes and messaging apps.
  • Aggregations reveal variations in errors, helping developers find and fix the true root cause.
  • Use custom filters to see the errors you care about, not the noise.
  • Mobile friendly interface.

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Airbrake's Errors Overview UI

Debug Issues Easily

  • Breadcrumbs tell developers exactly what the user did before the problem happened, making problems easier to reproduce and debug.
  • The debug workflow is streamlined. Airbrake works with all major programming languages and frameworks and integrates with tools like GitHub, JIRA, Slack and many more.

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Airbrake's Breadcrumbs

Airbrake Works
for Managers

Prioritize the Important Issues

  • Aggregations tell you how often an issue occurs and how many users it impacts.
  • Advanced search and filtering lets you identify the most important issues.
  • Custom variables track the attributes that matter to you.

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Airbrake's Aggregations - User countries

Understand Your Deployment Quality

  • Correlate issues with releases.
  • Discover trends in release quality and frequency.
  • Identify Hotspots, the users and URLs experiencing the most problems.
  • Use Diff Stats to identify files that changed the most.

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Airbrake's Deploys

Comply With Security Standards

  • (2FA) two-factor authentication
  • Log in with GitHub or SAML
  • Data encrypted in transit and at rest.
  • Protect personally identifiable information (PII).
  • Satisfy GDPR, Privacy Shield, and SOC 2 Type 2 requirements.

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Airbrake's Login

Airbrake Works
for Enterprises

Support Large-Scale Development

  • Deploy on site with full security behind your firewall.
  • Tie into enterprise workflows through integrations and webhooks.
  • Full-stack monitoring of over 20 programming languages and front end, back end, and mobile application errors.
  • SOC 2 Type 2, GDPR and PCI compliant.
  • Dedicated account representative to support your needs.
  • Dedicated engineering support.
  • Direct channel to Airbrake senior management for feature requests and escalations.
Airbrake's Account Dashboard

Airbrake Works
for Customers

Understand the User Experience

  • Log files don't capture the user experience. Airbrake turns raw error statistics into insight that does.
  • Fix problems faster to make your customers happier.
Airbrake's Aggregations - Users

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