Airbrake supports webhooks

You can supply us with a URL that we will POST to every time a new error occurs (or a resolved error re-occurs). We will send a JSON object containing information about the error to your URL. You can use this to build your own service that performs some action every time an exception is thrown. Webhook integration supports only TLSv1.2 protocol version with https URL.

JSON structure

The JSON Airbrake will post to your webhook url has the following structure:

    "error_message":"KitchenException: You are all out of bacon!",
        "[PROJECT_ROOT]/app/controllers/bacon_controller.rb:35:in `cook'",
        "[PROJECT_ROOT]/app/middleware/kitchen.rb:19:in `oven'",
        "[PROJECT_ROOT]/app/middleware/kitchen.rb:33:in `chef'",
        "[PROJECT_ROOT]/app/middleware/salumi.rb:23:in `store'"
  "airbrake_error_url": "https://airbrake.io/airbrake-error-url"