Airbrake integrates with Slack

With our Slack integration, Airbrake will post a notification to your Slack account each time a new error occurs or an error previously marked as resolved occurs.

slack example message

Add the Airbrake integration in Slack

In top left corner under the drop down menu, choose Apps & integrations

slack apps and integrations

Search for Airbrake

Search for Airbrake from integrations search box and select it.

slack airbrake integration

Pick a channel to post errors to

Airbrake will post new error notifications and comments on errors in the channel you specify

slack airbrake settings

Copy the generated Slack webhook URL

Once you have specified a channel Slack will generate a webhook for the Airbrake service to use. Copy the Slack webhook URL from instructions to Your Airbrake project’s slack integration

slack webhook

Add the Slack webhook URL to your Airbrake project

From your Airbrake project’s error dashboard, click Integrations in the menu bar near the project’s name. From your project’s integration page click Slack in the left sidebar.

Paste your Slack webhook URL into the form and Save!

slack settings in airbrake