Pivotal Tracker

Airbrake integrates with Pivotal Tracker

After configuring the Pivotal Tracker integration you get several additional benefits:

  • Pivotal story auto-creation as soon as a new error occurs
  • Auto re-opening of accepted, delivered or finished Pivotal story when a resolved error re-occurs
  • When a story is accepted in Pivotal the Airbrake error is marked as resolved
  • Creates comment on the Airbrake error for a new story activity on Pivotal
  • You can manually pull errors from Pivotal

Configuring the Pivotal Tracker integration

Configuring the Pivotal Tracker integration requires a Pivotal Tracker API key and Project ID. Your Pivotal Tracker user must be an admin as well.

Retrieve your Pivotal Tracker API Token

Your Pivotal Tracker API Token is located on your personal profile page. Visit your profile page directly via https://www.pivotaltracker.com/profile or navigate to your profile page by clicking your name in the top right corner and selecting Profile.

Retrieve your Pivotal Tracker Project ID

Retrieve your Project ID from the URL of your Pivotal Tracker project’s dashboard or settings page.

pivotal project id

Putting it all together

In Airbrake, first navigate to your project’s settings with the upper left cog. From the project’s settings page click Integrations and then Pivotal Tracker.

From here you can input your API Token and Project ID in the corresponding field.

pivotal settings