Airbrake can integrate with your existing Lighthouse account, allowing you to create Lighthouse tickets for new Airbrake errors.

Configuration involves 2 steps. The first step involves creating a Lighthouse API token on the Lighthouse site. The second is to configure Airbrake to use your Lighthouse API token, subdomain, and project id.

Lighthouse API token creation

You can create a Lighthouse token on your Lighthouse account’s user profile page. Be sure to give full access to the token as shown below.

generate token

Once you’ve successfully created the token, you’ll see it listed in that same area (see image below). Take note of the token value for the next steps.

new token

Airbrake Account and Project Configuration

To setup the and make use of the information in your lighthouse URL:

subdomain and project id

Click on Integrations and then on Lighthouse to fill in your Lighthouse information. First, fill in the Lighthouse access token:

token settings

After that, fill in the Lighthouse subdomain and the Lighthouse project ID:

integration settings