Adding the GitHub integration

Create GitHub issues for new Airbrake errors! This integration allows you to create a GitHub issue from an Airbrake error manually. You can also set this integration to automatically create a GitHub issue when a new type of error is reported to Airbrake.

Authenticate with GitHub

Airbrake needs permission to create GitHub issues for your project.

  1. Click Integrations for your project
  2. Click GitHub
  3. Click the button that says Redirect to GitHub for authentication

github auth

“Airbrake” access can be found/revoked in Authorized OAuth Apps

github access

Airbrake only asks once for permission when authorizing unless the access is revoked on GitHub side. In that case, we ask for permission again.

Add your project’s GitHub repo url

For a GitHub user mmcdaris who has a repo named coffee-bot the GitHub repo URL you would use is:
  1. Enter GitHub repo URL
  2. Click Save

github repo url

Troubleshooting - 404 error

Github integration could not connect. Error: 404 - Not Found - Please make sure the credentials are correct and try again.

If you’re seeing this 404 error despite having full access to the repo you’re trying to integrate with, please make sure third-party application access is granted for the Airbrake application.

You can find this option in your organization’s settings page:

To enabled third-party access, please click Airbrake then click the “grant” button. If you do not see this button, go to your personal settings, in the “third-party access” section, and revoke the Airbrake token and try again.