Airbrake now sends exception notifications to Flowdock

Configuring Flowdock

You will need to gather your Flow API token, choose a Flowdock name, and choose a Flowdock email to configure the integration correctly.

  1. Your Flow API token can be found at flowdock.com/account/tokens. Note that this is Flow API token, NOT your personal API token.
  2. Flowdock name is the name you want to be attached to the team inbox Airbrake message. Can be anything such as Airbrake Notification or your own name.
  3. Flowdock email is the email you want to be associated with the team inbox Airbrake message. Lots of airbrake users leverage an airbrake@company.com email address. This is perfect, otherwise any other email address will do.
  4. Configure whether you want notifications to be sent to your team inbox, chat or both.