NOTE: This doc is only for our cloud service. See Bitbucket integration doc for on-premise installations.

Adding the Airbrake-Bitbucket integration will create Bitbucket issues for new Airbrake errors. The default behaviour is to automatically create a Bitbucket issue when a new type of error is reported to Airbrake, this can be turned off if you prefer to create a Bitbucket issue from an Airbrake error manually.

What information is in a created issue?

A Bitbucket issue created from an Airbrake error includes a lot of helpful information. It links back to the Airbrake error, displays the error type and message, shows where and when the error occurred, and more. Here is an example of a created issue:


How to add the Bitbucket integration

Authenticate with Bitbucket

Airbrake needs permission to create Bitbucket issues for your project, so the first step is to authenticate!

  1. Click Integrations for your project
  2. Click Bitbucket
  3. Click Redirect to Bitbucket for authentication

bitbucket auth

Add Bitbucket integration

Add your Bitbucket account name and project’s repository name then save.

bitbucket settings